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  • Need Food Storage?

    Grab n Go Food Storage ™ is your long term food storage solution. Our menu options are 100% vegetarian and non GMO . We offer a premium product with a 20+ year shelf life... all for under a buck a serving. All you have to remember in an emergency is to grab your buckets and go!

    Grab n Go Food Storage was started by us - The Brown Sisters. Becky and Amy to be exact. We are passionate about making emergency food supplies available and affordable to every person, every home. Let us help you meet your food storage needs. Email us or call us. You'll get real answers from a real person.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Our buckets. Like the three bears children’s story.  Our smallest is for one person for 3 days.  Our medium is for 2 people for 3 days. And our biggest? It feeds one person for aprox. 1.5-2 months or two people for aprox a month (*depending on calorie consumption).  It’s as easy as 1-2-3. AND the best part is that they are very affordable, 100% made in the USA, NON GMO, and a great product for your wallet.  It’s not a matter of if you’ll need it, it’s a matter of when.  So if you’re prepping for a zombie attack or worried about another earthquake, ice storm, mudslide, tornado, or financial disaster, you’ll be prepared by: 1. Having a Grab N Go bucket in your car 2. Having a Grab N Go bucket in your office or workplace 3. Having at least a 3-month supply of long-term food storage in your home for yourself/family.

Yes, it can be as easy as 1-2-3!

NEW 1 person 72 hour food kit, only $29-just like our radio ad said so!!

Our new 72 hour kit for one person has the same specs as our 2 person 72 hr kit, except it has five servings of each: Italian Tomato pasta, Creamy potato soup, Brown Sugar Oatmeal, and creamy Veggie Rice. Very affordable, and compact. It comes in a one gallon bucket and is perfect for anyone’s car, under their bed,wherever disaster may strike. Minimum 20 year shelf life.  It’s not a matter of “if” you need it, it’s a matter of “when”!

$29 each

Our 200 Serving Tornado Bucket **As seen on TV**!! Only $179 each (save $30!)

Our 200 serving bucket comes jam-packed with triple-mylar bags (40 to be exact, with 5 servings per bag).  They average about 200 calories a serving (approximately 40,000 calories per bucket). The food is 100% Made in the USA. Non-GMO soy flour and NO Msg are in our product.  They are freeze dried and dehydrated meals with a 20 year shelf life.  They’re so healthy that they could walk themselves onto a shelf at Whole Foods and fit right in.  There is a variety of the following recipes: Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Cheese Broccoli Rice, Butter Noodles, Whey Milk, Tomato Pasta, Potato Soup, Veggie Rice, Veggie Soup. We’re sure that you’ll be happy with our Grab n Go buckets. (We recommend that each 200 serving bucket lasts one adult no more than one monthm at higher calories).

*Want to buy a year’s supply or a group order? Contact Becky at for the rock bottom friends and family discount!!

ONLY $179 a bucket (for 200 servings!)

Our #1 Seller: 2 person high calorie 72 hour food kit: Only $69!


You asked for it, you got it! This awesome 2 gallon convenient bucket is jam-packed with higher-calorie freeze-dried and dehydrated meals (same specs, same 20 year shelf life).  It’s made for 2 adults for 1450 calories a day per person (if it’s just you, it will last double the amount of time…or you can take in fewer calories and stretch it out further).

The bucket comes with 12 mylar bags of 5 servings per bag.  There are 3 bags of each: Tomato Pasta, Creamy Veggie Rice, Potato Soup, and Brown Sugar Oatmeal.  The bucket weighs aprox. 6 pounds and is small enough to stash just about anywhere. Many of our customers put it in their cars, closets, basements, at work, everywhere!

The price?  Only $69

Glow in the dark paracord bracelet


You’ve all seen the survival paracord bracelets, but have you seen the ones that glow in the dark?  (That’s right, glow in the dark paracord is VERY hard to find in the USA…until now!)  Not only will it become super bright with being activated with a flashlight, lamp, or sunshine, but it unravels to 9 feet of survival bliss if needed.  Oh, and it also is the only thing known to mankind to ward off the zombies.  We nicknamed it the “Zombray.”  Buy 3 get one free!

$10 each


11-in 1 multi-tool

This 11-in-1 multi-tool is the ultimate survival buddy.  It’s the size of a credit card and fits perfectly in your wallet, glove box, or bug out bag.  Top quality stainless steel. Buy 3 get 1 free!

$10 each


NEW! Credit card knife-only $10 each (save 50-60%!)

You’ve now got access to the #1 selling men’s item! These credit card-sized stainless steel folding knives are essential to anyone’s car, wallet, office desk, home, or emergency kit.  Buy 3, get one free! Buy now before they are sold out.

$10 each