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    Grab n Go Food Storage ™ is your long term food storage solution. Our menu options are 100% vegetarian and non GMO . We offer a premium product with a 20+ year shelf life... all for under a buck a serving. All you have to remember in an emergency is to grab your buckets and go!

    Grab n Go Food Storage was started by us - The Brown Sisters. Becky and Amy to be exact. We are passionate about making emergency food supplies available and affordable to every person, every home. Let us help you meet your food storage needs. Email us or call us. You'll get real answers from a real person.

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New! One Year Supply for 1 person! New options! Hot deal! Only $999.00-as seen in Hometown Values!

Our 4 gallon, 200 serving bucket is the star of our one year supply. Simple yet lots of variety.  The best price ever!

A one year supply for one adult consists of : 6 of our 200 serving buckets, one bucket of white rice, one bucket of pinto beans, 4 water filtration bottles, one hybrid solar flashlight, two 11-in-1 multi-tools, and two credit card knives! Plus a bonus 72 hour car kit. All for a steal of a deal!!

Check out the video of all that comes in it here:

ONLY $999 plus FREE delivery!


One year supply one person. *Orders typically ship in 2-3 weeks. Local orders may be sooner. All sales are final.

NEW 1 person 72 hour food car kit, only $29-just like our radio ad said so!!

Our new 72 hour kit for one person has the same specs as our 2 person 72 hr kit, except it has five servings of each: Italian Tomato pasta, Creamy potato soup, Brown Sugar Oatmeal, and creamy Veggie Rice. Very affordable, and compact. It comes in a one gallon bucket and is perfect for anyone’s car, under their bed,wherever disaster may strike. Minimum 20 year shelf life.  It’s not a matter of “if” you need it, it’s a matter of “when”!

$29 each

Awesome Water Filtration Bottle-only $29 each! (save up to $25+off retail prices)!

The description on the bottle says it all! Best in the industry.  High-end water filtration bottle.  100 gallons or 3 months for one adult of drinking.  Even filter it in a farm ditch and it’s bound to come out clean.  A must for your bug out bag, traveling, or every day survival. Becky has personally tested this product on trips to Australia, Africa, and Haiti. Clean water for sure!

$29 each

Our 200 Serving Tornado Bucket **As seen on TV**!! Only $159 each (save $40!)

Our 200 serving bucket comes jam-packed with triple-mylar bags (40 to be exact, with 5 servings per bag).  They average about 200 calories a serving (approximately 40,000 calories per bucket). The food is 100% Made in the USA. Non-GMO soy flour and NO Msg are in our product.  They are freeze dried and dehydrated meals with a 20 year shelf life.  They’re so healthy that they could walk themselves onto a shelf at Whole Foods and fit right in.  There is a variety of the following recipes: Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Cheese Broccoli Rice, Butter Noodles, Whey Milk, Tomato Pasta, Potato Soup, Veggie Rice, Veggie Soup. We’re sure that you’ll be happy with our Grab n Go buckets. (We recommend that each 200 serving bucket lasts one adult one month at high calories or two months at lower calories).

*Want to buy a year’s supply or a group order? Contact Becky at for the rock bottom friends and family discount!!


 ONLY $159 a bucket (for 200 servings!)